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mario lioncio p



Profile is on these sites:

Live Male, 51, Tennessee edit
Live Male, 51, Tennessee edit
Live Male, 51, Tennessee edit
Live Male, 33, Houston, TX edit
Not Live edit
Live Male, 33, Houston, TX edit
Live Male, 51, Tennessee edit
Live Male, 51, Tennessee edit

Also goes by these names:

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Reviews from TrueDater Users

Posted by UR_Busted on Jan. 23, 2012
He uses many different names and is active on several sites.
See www. thetruthaboutmario .com for all his names, sites, and more.

KNOWN NAMES: Mario Polanco, Mario L Polanco, Mario Lioncio Polanco, Mariolioncio Polanco, Lioncio, Mariolioncio, Mario Lioncio P, Mariolionciop, Mario Blanco, Mario Smith, Alex Baldelomar, Alex P, Alex Mario P., Alexander Mario P, Mario P.

AGE: 45 on some, 27 on others

STATUS: Always single even though he is not. Never tells anyone he's married. On another site a woman found out he was married and he tried to tell her he was separated then later changed his story to being in an open marriage.

LOCATIONS: Either Tennessee or Houston, TX. Travels for work and can be found in other states (KY, AL, GA, IN, MO). Has a phone number with an MA area code.

SITES: BlackSingles, Facebook, Friendster, Hot or Not, MySpace, OK Cupid, Plenty of Fish, two on Black Planet, and "adult" and gay sex sites.
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